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Based in Toronto, Overthorns Wedding is a professional team of passionate and creative photographers and cinematographers.

With over a decade of wedding industry experience, we offer high-quality services to ensure every precious moment is captured on your special day.We are genuinely delightful to share the love and happiness with you on your big day! Overthorns is here to celebrate with you and to provide life-long memories for you!


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“We believe that happiness can be spread through works!

We enjoy sharing our projects and posts just as much as creating them. Sit back, relax & take a moment to browse through our portfolio”






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“Thank you so much for the stunning wedding photos and videos. We are so amazed by your professionalism and talent, you captured every single happiness moment on our wedding day! Thanks for giving us amazing memories to look back on! We will definitely recommend it to our friends and family.”

Carly Young

“From the bottom of our heart, we are grateful to have you guys on our wedding! Thanks for creating incredible photographs, the photos are much more than we expected! We received lots of compliments on our wedding photos! The team is positive, engaging and easy to work with! Thank you!”

Jeff Gemmell

“Perfection and professional are the two words that I could use to describe the team! We are very thankful to have Overthorns with us on our wedding day! Many mindful details (that we didn't pay attention on haha) are captured by them, which create great memories for us! We enjoy working with them and appreciate their hard-work, support and patience! Thanks again!'”

Mark Levin

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